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Guide to Deposit via NetBanking UPI in Indian Casino

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UPI or the Unified Payment Interface is the Indian Government’s payment system that lets the users send or receive money electronically through the website or mobile application. The system was launched in 2016 by the National Payment Corporation of India (NCPI).

To use the banking, the users must either go on the UPI Net Banking website or the mobile application to make their payments to the other users, vendors, and even the online casinos. Through UPI, the users can transfer the money directly into the bank accounts of other users.

The users who have their bank accounts in the Indian banks can only use the UPI system. Some of the major banks that can be used to access UPI are State Bank Of India, ICICI Bank, HSBC, Punjab & Sind Bank, Union Bank of India, Paytm Payment Banks, Airtel Payment Bank, DBS Digibank, Canara Bank and much more. The number of these banks is growing steadily, and there is a possibility that even the smallest of the banks are now compatible with UPI.

List of the UPI Net Banking Compatible Casinos

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The Working of the UPI Net Banking System

The UPI Net Banking System is an easy to use instant banking system that makes it convenient for the users to transfer money into the bank accounts of the participating casinos, vendors, or businesses. The system also allows you to send money to your friends and others who have bank accounts in the participating banks. With the help of UPI, it has become easy to split bills, send and receive money to anyone, and at any time.

The UPI system is integrated into the India casino online app of each of the participating banks. Users can download these mobile applications on their smartphones to use the service. The number of participating banks is increasing with each day, and currently, over 150 big and small domestic banks accept payments through UPI.

The service is easy to use. All you need to do is register with the mobile number, which is also connected to your bank account. The mobile number is used as an identifier or even your UPI id in some cases. This number is what connects you to the bank account. The payment is initiated online through the partner website, which takes you to your bank app, where you will confirm the payment. You get the option to accept or decline the payment. The payment only processes when you accept and enter a high-security pin in your bank app.

The process of making UPI Transactions had been made extremely easy so that anyone can understand it. The first step is the enter the amount you wish to transfer into the UPI app. You can either do this manually in case of bank transfer or by scanning the QR codes. Additionally, the amount is also automatically transferred in the case when the transaction is initiated by the vendor’s website. Always select the payment method as UPI Net Banking on your payment pages. Once you enter the amount, you will be taken to the confirmation page of your mobile banking app. Approve or decline the payment request and enter a pin to process the amount from your bank account. The payment will be processed, and you will receive an instant confirmation on your phone.


The advantages of using UPI Banking Method are:

  • The transfer of funds is fast, and a transfer takes less than a minute.
  • The bill sharing option makes combined transactions easier.
  • The UPI system is secured as it has two-factor authentications while making payments.
  • It allows sending payment requests to the payee.
  • The UPI Transaction method applies to Casino transactions.


The disadvantages of UPI Banking methods are:

  • Some banks extract a fee for each transaction.
  • The UPI Funds Transfer is only available for participating banks in India for Indian users.
  • The transactions that are done through UPI are shown in the bank statements.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the online casinos that accept payments through UPI Net Baking for both deposits and withdrawals. We have also provided reviews of each of these casinos. Read the reviews to find out the information about all the games, bonuses, payment terms, licensing, and any other information you would need about the online casino.

Deposit at Casino with UPI Net Banking

Just like any other vendor or online website, making deposits at online casinos is also an easy process. All you need to do is click on the UPI payment method, which will be listed amongst the other payment methods on the casino website.

You will be prompted to enter the amount that you want to transfer into your casino bank account. Once that is done, you will see clear instructions on the screen. The final part of the transaction is done in your banking app. Hence the website will redirect you to your bank website to confirm the payment.

Accept the payment, and the credits will be instantly transferred to the registered casino account. You can now use these credits to play any game on the website for real money. The payment takes no more than 30 minutes to be processed in case of delays.

Withdrawal at Casino with UPI Net Banking

There is also a possibility to make withdrawals through UPI if you have already made deposits through the method on your casino account. All you must do is enter your bank details such as bank name, bank address, IFSC Code, name, account number, and the amount that must be withdrawn.

The processing time differs in the case of each casino and the bank account. The processing process of the casino will include checking withdrawal requests. Once the processing is done, the casino processes out the funds and they are deposited to the bank account, and the amount might take up to 3 business days to reflect in your account.

The payment policies of each casino differ, and some casinos might apply transaction limits as well as transaction charges. So, make sure you check the terms and conditions before initiating the payments. 

UPI Net Banking Casino Reviews

To review each of the UPI Net Banking Casinos, we followed certain criteria. They are as follows:

Licencing Information: The casino website should be licensed by a valid authority. The license of a casino website means that it is safe to use for all payment-related processes. This also means that the website is not using any unfair means to create false outcomes of the games.

INR Accepted as Currency: Casinos accepting Indian currency is one of the major needs for the Indian players. Always make sure to play at the casinos where you will be able to use Rupee as a currency. The websites that do not accept INR usually use their conversation rates, which reduces the value to about 10-15%.

Terms and Conditions: Most of the websites offer welcome bonuses to the players. As attractive, these welcome bonuses maybe, they come with specific terms and conditions, which, if not read, can cause problems for your future withdrawals. The casinos with unnecessary and unfair terms and conditions are not selected by us and will never be listed on our recommended lists.

Customer Support: There are many casinos in today’s time that do not provide dedicated 24/7 customer service to their users. This is one of the most significant setbacks any casino can have. Here at our website, we only list out the casinos that have 24/7 customer support and a variety of options for the customers to access.

Compatibility with Mobiles and Selection of Games: The last factor that we consider is the compatibility of the casino with mobile phones and its selection of games. The compatibility is also extremely important, and all the betting platforms mentioned on our website are mobile optimized. These casinos offer over 500 mobile compatible games. The Indio Casino itself offers ten games that are compatible with mobiles and 50 that are compatible with computers.

Steps to Sign-Up for UPI Transfer

The sign-up process for a UPI Transfer is easy if you have a dedicated bank account.

For the bank or wire transfer options such as phone banking, mobile banking, online banking, and even in-person banking, apply at online casinos. A lot of casinos accept bank transfers as deposit methods. The process is as follows:

  • The first step is to pick bank transfer as a payment method while opening your bank account. If you already have a bank account, you can file in a request at the bank to allow you to make bank transfers.
  • The bank will process the application and process it. This will allow you to make easy and fast transfers through mobile banking and online banking.
  • There are some documents that you might have to provide to the bank to avail of this service. These include identity proof, photographs, residential proofs, and some others, depending on your bank and its policies. The identity proof can be anything from your license to voter id, and the residential proof is the latest utility bill.

Bank Transfer Account Verification

It is essential for you to first check with the casino whether they allow bank transfer as a payment method on their website. Also, check if they accept the transfer from the bank that you are opening your account at. Since bank transfer is one of the most common banking methods, you will not find any issues finding numerous casinos offering the payment method.

Once your bank account is ready and operational, you can list out all the details of your bank account to your casino account. The casino will feature three to five business days to verify your bank information. Once the verification is done, you will be able to do fast transactions from your bank to the casino account.

Is My Privacy Maintained?

One of the major concerns people have with online banking and online casinos is whether their privacy is maintained? The answer is yes; the transactions are entirely private. The banks put in special measures to maintain 100% privacy of the online transactions of their users. These security measures make it impossible for anyone to get to the private information of the customers.

When it comes to online casinos, you need to be careful yourself. Only sign up for the ones that offer strict security measured and are licensed. The best online casinos use SSL encryptions to protect the information of their users. The encrypted data can not be utilized by the fraudsters on the internet to harm you.

Important Tips to Know Before You Are playing At Bank Transfer Casino

Finding the best online casinos can be confusing and time-consuming. This is the reason that we have listed down a few tips that will help you make bank transfers safely to the online casinos available for Indian Players. You can use these tips to make transactions at the best online casinos that we have mentioned on the website.

Considerations Before Making Deposits

One of the things that the gamblers usually forget is that the method you have used to make the deposits into the bank account will be the same method used to make the withdrawal. Hence you must choose the correct deposit method. Here are some tips you must follow while making deposits:

  • Some banks will collect a processing fee for fund transfer. This fee can vary from bank to bank and from region to region.
  • The time taken for a bank to process the amount can be anywhere between 1 hour to 5 business days depending on the banking facilities such as NEFT offered by the bank.
  • The minimum deposit limit differs from bank to bank, but it is applicable in most cases.

Considerations Before Making Withdrawals

The things you need to consider before making withdrawals at the online casinos are:

  • The casinos set minimum withdrawal limits, and you will have to meet them. You will have to meet the wagering requirements before making withdrawals.
  • You must verify your casino account with an identity proof.
  • For the withdrawal of larger amounts such as jackpots, the banks will divide the winnings into monthly installations.
  • The wait time for withdrawals to process is anywhere between three to five working days for bank transfer. The transfer to e-wallets is faster, and it takes 24-48 hours at most.

General Information

Net Banking has been considered as one of the safest forms of banking for years. It is easy and hence suitable for the new players as well as for the people who are not tech-savvy. Third-party payments can be complicated, but net banking is a few step processes that work fast, and since it is offered by most of the biggest banks around the world, it is also considered safe.

Using net banking lets you send and receive money without the need for physical transactions. You can initiate the transaction from anywhere, and the money is withdrawn from your account and deposited into the accounts of the receiver. The transfers usually take 3-5 business days or even lesser.

The Western Union Bank was the first to initiate this wire transfer in 1872, and ever since, the technology has grown continuously with the introduction of the internet. Net banking is secure and can also be used to make payments internationally.

Final Conclusion on Deposits via UPI

The UPI Net Banking is a perfect choice for all the users who want to make fast transactions from their banks and withdraw the amount directly into their bank account. With this method, there is no need for a third party to facilitate the transaction. However, the downside is that the transaction is visible in the bank statements.

The payment method is safe to use, but there are not many online casinos that accept the payment method yet. The number of these casinos, however, is growing, and there is a possibility that most of the casinos for Indian players will adopt this payment method soon.

The small drawback of this method can be a small fee, which can be negligible considering how fast the method is and how easy it makes the transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Netbanking Payments on Indian Casino

Which currencies does the UPI Net Banking support?

The UPI Net Banking is a payment method that supports Indian banks. The Indian banks have the base currency as Indian Rupee. Hence the main currency that is supported is INR. However, if the player uses UPI to make payments through other currencies, the amount will be converted for a small fee, which differs from bank to bank.

Is there any fee applicable to transactions?

The fee for UPI Bank transactions differs from bank to bank and from casino to casino. The players may have to pay ₹0.50 per transaction. However, it is also possible that the transaction is free of cost. The casinos usually charge withdrawal fees from the users. However, the deposit fee is not charged in most of the casinos.

What is the wait time for the money transfer via UPI Net Banking?

The payment done through UPI is fast. It will take no more than 30 minutes for your transaction to process and confirm. So, in less than 30 minutes, you will see the amount reflecting in your casino account, which can be used further to play games.
The receiving money from the casino can take a little longer. The transfer can take up to 3 business days to process entirely and for the money to reflect in your bank account.

Is it possible to use UPI Net Banking at Online Casinos?

The UPI Net Banking is available only in few online casinos. The payment method is not as popular as the others, so you will have to look for some casinos that allow transactions through UPI. You can find the list of all the UPI Net Banking compatible casinos here and register on them instantly.

How much is the minimum and maximum transfer amount at the online casinos with UPI?

Each casino has different policies regarding the minimum and maximum transaction amounts. The minimum transaction amount can start from ₹800, or it could be higher with the limit on transaction up to ₹400,000.
Withdrawal limits are also applicable to some casinos. These limits will define how much money you can withdraw from your casino account in one day or month or any other pre-determined period. All this information is easily available in the terms and conditions section of the online casinos.

Are the casino bonuses claimable through UPI?

Yes, it is possible to claim bonuses through UPI. Most of the casinos offer bonuses to the players in India. If these casinos also offer UPI as a banking method, they will also process the bonuses through this method. On the page, you will find a lot of online casino bonuses listed for the Indian Players.

Is it safe to use UPI Net Banking?

Any transaction done through the UPI Net Banking, be it through the mobile app or online banking are safe. The transactions go through various lines of security before being processed. Each transaction is done through a unique transaction number that is sent to the mobile phones of the users.
Another layer of security is the SSL encryptions, which makes it impossible for hackers to get into the system and steal the information of the users. So, it can be concluded that UPI is a very safe option for banking and payment to vendors, online casinos, and any other user. The best part is that it is readily accepted in India.

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