How To Play Powerball Lottery From India

How To Play Powerball Lottery From India

Things were quite different a few years ago. Back then, the likes of Airtel TV and Tata Sky were yet to exist. That meant people had to make do with regular cable TV content. One such cable TV content regularly broadcast a lottery show called the Powerball Lottery and it was quite popular.

While most Indians know the basics of this game, we will in this article thoroughly analyze and detail all its important aspects. Worth noting is that there are currently more than a few Powerball websites at which anyone can play with real money and stand the chance of winning some serious money!

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PowerBall Lotto: A Definition

Powerball Lotto is quite simple. As the name implies, this India lottery game is played using 69 balls that are inscribed with numbers, as well as 26 Powerballs. Should folks want to play the game, all they need to do is to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69, as well as a Powerball number that ranges from 1 to 26. Should both the 5 numbers and the chosen Powerball number be a match for the numbers later announced by the Powerball operator, a jackpot of massive proportions will be won.

Powerball lottery has long been traditionally played in India. It was however done physically. While Powerball Lotto is neither banned nor legal in the country, 13 Indian states allow it. As technology advanced, Powerball Lotto moved online. This made it unnecessary for folks to purchase tickets from agents, and either wait on the streets for the announcement of results or camp out in front of the TV and watch this announcement.

Online Powerball is much more convenient and stress-free. To join up for this, people just need to register at any Powerball agents website that accepts players from India. Once registration has been completed, a ticket can then be bought, and the wait begins for the announcement of the results.

To assure regular ticket updates, Powerball online players should join a subscription service. This is assuredly worth it.

The Powerball Jackpot

The main appeal of playing Powerball is its massive jackpot prize. This can if won thoroughly change the fortunes of players.

However, the chances of actually winning the Powerball jackpot prize are minuscule at best. Loads and loads of luck are required to win this jackpot, with players being also required to select a few Powerball numbers and 5 other numbers that match the winning jackpot combo. This is easier said than done. Whenever a Powerball ticket is bought, 50% of what buyers paid for it is tipped into the prize pool. 30% of this is then pushed into the jackpot pool, while 20% goes to other prizes. The other 50%, is purposed to help pay for costs incurred in selling and marketing tickets.

Worth noting is that should Powerball players fail to win the main jackpot prize, there is no need to despair. This is because players who are not eligible for the jackpot can still receive a payout depending on the number combo that is present on their ticket.

how to play powerball lottery

In this chapter, we will try to explain just how the Powerball jackpot works. The reality of this just like every other aspect of Powerball Lotto operations is pretty simple. Thus, the Powerball jackpot payout varies depending on how many numbers on the ticket were a match to the announced numbers. The Powerball itself is among one of the chief payouts in this lotto game that is not the same as the jackpot. For people who are lucky enough to match the Powerball, a payout of from 200x to 300x the stake can be expected.

As an example, in India, some lottery tickets cost as little as Rs.2. If such a ticket was bought and the Powerball numbers matched, depending on the particular Powerball Lotto being played, up to Rs.400 can be won.

The following table explains what the expected payout should be depending on how many winning numbers were matched:

Numbers Prize
Match 5 numbers plus Powerball Rs.100 crores
Match 5 Rs.1 crore
Match 4 plus Powerball Rs.7 lakh
Match 4 Rs.7,000
Match 3 plus Powerball Rs.7,000
Match 3 Rs.500
Match 2 plus Powerball Rs.500
Match 1 plus Powerball Rs.275
Match 0 plus Powerball Rs.207

Worth noting is that the above numbers are approximations. However, they are accurate enough and detail what payout can be expected according to the nature of the Powerball game that is being played.


The answer to the above question is a definite yes. It is fully possible to purchase Powerball tickets online. More than a few betting operators in the country have software that makes it possible for Indian Powerball players to buy their tickets on the go anytime and anywhere using their smartphones and tablets.

To play Powerball online in India, there is a need to register at any one of the many online gambling firms. However, before this should be done, it is important to first check out the reputation and reliability rating of a firm before registering on it.

The best online Powerball sites in India and anywhere else on the globe are normally equipped with the following wide range of features and services:

  • They have a constant range of promos and bonuses that both attract new players and keep old ones content.
  • They boast a nice combo of both casino games and lottery games for folks who like to access a varied array of fun.
  • The presence of a mobile-optimized app that makes access to their games and services smooth and stress-free.
  •  Suave, helpful, competent and expert customer support staff that speedily deals with any reported problems and offer workable solutions.
  • A wide array of payment options that accommodate disparate individual preferences.
powerball lottery in india
Powerball lottery in India

List of Powerball Sites

1. Lotto247

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4. Lottoland

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How Powerball Is Played Online

There is nothing to playing Powerball online. As has been previously stated, many betting firms support online Powerball gameplay. Anyone interested in playing Powerball can then register at such a firm and get playing within minutes. It is usually the case that these betting firms have a wide range of different casino games, slots, and the like on offer. These too can be accessed along with Powerball games.

To play Powerball on such sites, once registration is complete, a click on the “Lottery” option brings up the different lotteries on offer. Powerball can then be chosen from the available options, with gameplay commencing soon after.

Incidentally, the following are worth noting:

  • Once any of the available Powerball game has been selected, players are presented with 20 tickets. They can then select one or multiple tickets and from each ticket pick out 5 numbers, as well as a single bonus number.
  • The cost of each ticket is around Rs.270, while the maximum jackpot prize is around Rs.600 crore. This is much the same as the all-famous Mega Millions Lottery that has created so many famous millionaires.
  • Most online Powerball sites found on the net wholly accept Indian players. However, most do not accept INR, so Euros must be used when purchasing tickets.
  •  On Powerball online sites, players can choose the numbers they want to play. They can change these numbers later on if they so wish or buy extra tickets and assign other numbers to these. They can alternatively enable the ‘Quick Play” feature, with this resulting in a random array of numbers being chosen for them by a computer program.
  •  On just about all Powerball websites, the date the draw will be held is prominently displayed at the top of the site.
  • Once the Powerball numbers have been selected and the selection has been confirmed, the next thing is to pay for the tickets and wait for the day of the draw.

Powerball Variations

There are a few Powerball variations worth looking out for. These are as follows:

  • Single Game
  •  System Game
  • Group Game

Single Game– here, players play a single game and select the simplest possible number combo

System Game– in this Powerball game, players can boost their winning chances by selecting many number combos. They can choose from at least a single combo that contains 5 different numbers to 792 combos that contain 12 numbers. This type of play assuredly enhances the winning odds.

Group Play– this can be played with family, friends and acquaintances. The winning odds here are enhanced and the cost of the ticket shared among all the participants. In this Powerball variant, players can select a combo of numbers that range from 5 to 12, as well as up to 2 bonus numbers. Should any prize be won here, the winnings will be shared among all the group members. Group Play, in essence, offers a low cost, fun and cooperative way for folks to play Powerball.


In Powerball just like in most forms of gambling, there is what is known as hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are those that show up in the draw more frequently than is normal. cold numbers on the other hand regularly fail to appear.

The hot numbers in Powerball are 16, 20, 23, 32 and 41. The cold numbers, on the other hand, are 60, 65, 66, 67 and 68. Apart from the two above, there is what is known as overdue numbers. These are numbers that over successive draws fail to appear. The reason for this is unknown. Some players prefer to bet on overdue numbers as they are can make an appearance at any time and bless bettors who bet on them.


1.What is the cost of a Powerball ticket?

Ans: Rs.200

2.How sizeable is the most massive Powerball jackpot available?

Ans: $1.5 billion. When converted this translates to Rs. 103 crore.

3.How reasonable are winning chances?

Ans: Well, that varies. For instance, matching just the Powerball number has like 1 in 40 odds. On the other hand, matching the Powerball number as well as all 5 numbers has odds of 1 in 20 crores.

4.Are some numbers better than others?

Ans: well, Powerball has both hot and cold numbers. Betting on hot numbers can boost winning odds. Betting on those that infrequently appear can also boost winning odds.

5.When are Powerball draws held?

Ans: the draw happens each Wednesday and Saturday. The time is 10.59pm Eastern Time. This translates to 8.30am on Thursday and Sunday.

6.Any applicable Powerball rules?

Ans: the only applicable rules are that players must be of legal age and have valid ID and proof of address.

7.Are winnings paid to winners?

Ans: Yes, Powerball winners receive every cent of their money. Powerball just like other gambling forms operates under strict rules that ensure that players are always treated in a fairway. As such, winnings are almost instantly deposited into the account of winners.

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