In line with our data collection policies which is outlined in a separate section, we collect some data to help you make your visit to our website enjoyable using Cookies.

We will explain what is an Cookie as below

Cookies are tiny files that are dropped / downloaded on to your computer’s browser when you visit a new website for the first time. Their job is to collect information when you browse. Website owners like us use the information to improve the user experience.

Using cookies, we can also improve the understanding of our visitors who are on our website. For example, one of the processing company outlined also in the Privacy Policy, Google Analytics uses Cookie logs which helps us with information like which web pages are visited by our visitors, the length of time spent on each page on our website. The use of these information is, that we can understand most popular section our visitors like, what content you like and which section our visitors like. This will help us curate the best possible website, with targeted and relevant content and design the page in a most optimum way.

Why the use of Cookie

Cookies, help us keep track of the best source of traffic or channel is most effective in brining best possible traffic I .e visitors who are coming to our website. Cookies help us , understand our visitors and their behaviour and where they are coming from. This helps us to understand which advertising source we are spending on, bring us the best visitors on our website. Cookies helps us to identify the best source of advertising bring the most valuable visitors to our site, and assign the correct bonus or credits to right channel of advertising.

Second and also very important usage of cookies , where they help us to remember and identify which visitors on our website have opted in to receive our newsletters and other important updates. You can opt in to receive and allow the usage of cookies, while signing up on our website.

We always alert you and ask for your permission to usage of cookies, to collect the information and make the experience of your time on our website very good and optimised. We ask specifically to accept the usage of cookies on your browser which you can enable or disable. But you must also know that, disabling or not allowing the usage of cookies, can affect the normal functioning of the website and may affect your experience on our website.

How you can control the functioning of Cookie

As informed above cookies are dropped or downloaded on your browser and thus you can control the functioning of the cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Although we do not advise this, as disabling cookies, can impact your user experience or access to specific pages on our website.

But you can indeed stop the cookies from being downloaded on to your browser, by simply blocking the cookie download on your browser, which will not drop the cookie.