How to Win Online Lottery?

Secrets shared by Seven-Time Lottery Grand Prize Winner

Richard Lustig has won lottery grand prizes seven times. Here is what he has made.

  • $98,992.92 from Florida Fantasy 5
  • $73,658.06 from Florida Fantasy 5
  • $10,000 from Scratch-off ticket
  • $842,152.91 from Florida Mega Money
  • $13,696.03 in Florida Fantasy 5
  • A holiday to Memphis from a scratch-off ticket amounting to $4,966
  • A holiday to Los Angeles from a scratch-off ticket amounting to $3,594.66

Lustig has been participating in lottery events for over 25 years. He claims that he participates in such games almost every single day. He shared that he was not winning much initially. Hence, he decided to formulate a method that could help him hit mega jackpots. His experience and strategy have paid him back in a big way. Spinszilla has listed these here for you.

He has summarized his experiences in his book, “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”. He shares tips and tricks on how to hit a jackpot while playing a lottery. Richard spent 20 years developing a winning strategy that could boost his chances of hitting a lottery. He claims that the entire process wasn’t easy for him. He encountered failure several times. However, he never gave up.   

He spent hours, days and months identifying the right strategy for winning a jackpot. He learned from all his experiences. Failing often took him a step closer to winning. He says that he didn’t win lotteries out of sheer luck. He consistently worked on winning by improving his strategies. 

Here are some of the tips that he has to offer to lottery players.

  • Do your homework

You need to brainstorm whether the numbers chosen belong to a good set. Every number has an equal chance of turning out to be a winning number. However, you need to focus on the trends and look into the statistics. The more you play, the more you learn from your experiences.

  • Never go for quick pick numbers

If you rely on a machine to pick a number for you then your chances of winning would not be that high. Actually, the odds will never be in your favor.

  • Stick to your numbers

Once you have done sufficient research on the probable winning numbers, stick to them. You may end up losing during the process. But you never know when they may pop up as winning numbers.

  • Do not follow the mass

There are a few people who spend way too high when it comes to mega jackpots. When the price is high, people swarm at the lottery ticket counters. When too many people are participating in a lottery, your chance of winning automatically reduces.

Richard shared that the best way of boosting your chances of winning a lottery is by picking your own numbers. Never rely on the numbers picked by the machine automatically. The way you choose your numbers doesn’t really matter. However, researching the numbers can prove to be advantageous.

Lustig also added that there is no magical formula for picking winning lottery numbers. He has received a lot of queries from enthusiastic individuals who are keen on hitting a lottery. He said that the laziest way of participating in a lottery is by sticking to a quick pick number. He deters this idea entirely. This is because your odds are not that high.   

For learning more about picking good numbers, you can follow the instructions mentioned in his book. Following the method that he has shared in his book can help you select the right numbers. Anything worth having in life takes some time.  

Richard also suggests setting a budget. You need to decide beforehand how many lottery tickets you can afford to purchase. You should never spend your grocery money or rent in purchasing lottery tickets. You need to remember that if there is one winner for a particular lottery event, there are always millions of losers. Do not be a person who spends their entire amount in the hope of winning a jackpot. This will save you from worrying about your grocery and rent later on.  

Spend your money on lottery tickets if and only if you have additional money.

Lustig advises that picking the same set of numbers increases your chances of winning in the subsequent draws. You don’t have to be disheartened if you meet with disappointments initially. Patience is something that you need to develop while waiting for your life to turn around.

Richard has spent all his winnings on purchasing a Jaguar, BMW car and a dream house. He has also spent his money on traveling overseas with his beloved life. 

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