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Dream11 Review

For online sports enthusiasts searching for an exclusive gaming hub, Dream11 makes for an ideal spot to live your dreams. This platform enables players to select any of their favourite sports that they can play with real money. This premium fantasy sports gaming niche allows players the scope to apply their knowledge and experience into playing their choicest sport online.

The comprehensive review of Dream11 here is an effort to bring to our readers a complete picture of how this brand works. Operated by the Dream11 website, the Dream11 Fantasy Private Limited seeks to provide an array of online fantasy games. The brand currently handles 3 distinct portals. Dream11 was established in 2012 and offers a range of sports which include basketball, cricket, football, volleyball and kabaddi. For gamers who wish to play these sports can do so by depositing money into their account with Dream11. The website enables payments through convenient and safe banking methods such a Visa, MasterCard, UPI portals and Net Banking. With its maximum deposit amount capped at 30000000, you can rejoice the opportunity of gaming ‘big’ every day. 

How does Dream11 operate?

Knowing how this brand operates can give you an insight into how to maximize the opportunities extended by this platform. Dream11 is a unique concept that was developed and Dream11 Inc. For gamers who enjoy gaming on the go, this fantasy sports operator ensures that its app is compatible with a range of operating systems including Android and iOS devices. 

The Dream11 site enables gamers to create their special team that can play tournaments on their behalf. Gamers can select their favourite players based on their knowledge and information. As team managers, gamers can earn points which are based on the chosen player’s performance in the real-life match. 

Based on the player’s performance, points are calculated at the end of a match. These points represent that scored by the gamer and are compared to other gamers participating in the league. It can be said that fantasy sports is still in its nascent stage in India but picking up pace as far as its popularity is concerned. At present, there are over 2 million users and the network only seems to be expanding every day. As a globally recognized sports gaming platform, Dream11 appears promising as it networks with lucrative associates including the CPL (Caribbean Premier League), IPL (Indian Premier League), NBA (National Basketball Association) and the national soccer championship. 

The website of Dream11 is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. You’ll find a tutorials section available on its home page for all users. You can simply log into your account by clicking the button on the top of the webpage. The intuitive website makes the process of registration easy and swift. You will be required to feed in your email id and choose a password to create your exclusive account as a user at Dream11’s site. The advanced interface also allows players to sign up via their Facebook account. As soon as the registration process is completed, users can instantly access the sports lobby to create a team of their choice and get started!

The Dream11 site allows players to cap their stake on the sport they want to play. Let’s say you have 100 points to spend on your team. Now, if you want to play a cricket match, you can assign a value out of 10 to every player and create your team of 11 players. What makes this site appealing to any level of gamer is the extensive player guide that describes how to go about your chosen fantasy sport on their site. From amateur to experienced players, anyone can enjoy seamless gaming on their site. You can also refer to the scoring system to understand how it works. 

Building your dream team at Dream11

What’s better than having the privilege of creating your exquisite team? Dream11 allows players to own a team and appoint a captain and coach as they like. Gamers with best performing teams can claim cash rewards and other surprise rewards when the tournament ends. With every piece of information and updates available on the homepage of Dream11, gamers can follow the performances. The news-feed section keeps gamers abreast with the latest information about live matches being played around the world. 

Upon visiting the site if Dream11 you’ll find that a massive section if the site is dedicated to cricket. With top 5 teams featuring on its list, cricket enthusiast has a lot to enjoy at this fantasy sports site. From the top-leagues to player details suggested for building a good team and match schedules you can find all the information you’ve been searching for. If you want an update on the live scores, you can find that too on the live news feed section at the site. This enables players to track the on-going action on the field just in case you can’t access the live streams online. You won’t miss out on a single moment; thanks to the live system that keeps you up-to-date by every minute. 

Support at Dream11

Playing online requires building a trustworthy relationship with the operator. With its excellent support desk, Dream11 wins the heart of millions of sports fans who use this trustworthy platform to make their dream a reality. Users can refer to the FAQ section on the website to find solutions to any common sports or site related queries. Alternatively, users can submit their queries through the customer helpdesk which is reachable via email. All emails are responded to promptly by the professional team at Dream11. Currently, the site does not have an active telephonic support system. You can also connect with the Dream11 support team via their live chat window for instant support and direction.

The Refund Policy at Dream11

As a member of the Dream11 platform, you can enjoy the benefits of their refund policy. This policy is intended at refunding the money staked to gamers in the event of a ‘no-result outcome’. However, note that if there’s a definite result of the match, it is considered normal despite incidences like curtailed overs and the like. In such a case, there will be no refunds processed as per the policy. 

The best deals and promos at Dream11

Winning begins with a good bonus and Dream11 offers all its users a 100INR cash bonus each time the user refers another member to their site. This is known as the referral bonus which can be earned by simply applying the referral code that you receive upon every referral. As soon as your referred friend begins playing, both of you get 100INR for free to enjoy your game at the Dream11 site. 

If you are wondering how to make the most of the opportunities extended by Dream11, here are a few tips that can play the trick for you!

How to seize winning opportunities at Dream11

Dreaming to win the fantasy cricket or football league at Dream11? Our tips can make it appear like a cakewalk. Here are a few strategies that can enable gamers to gain an edge over others. As one of the most popular sports app, Dream11 has already been rated as one with the largest user base encouraging competition among the different leagues. 

We will first highlight what fantasy sports in India look like and how it is relevant to the users playing from the country. 

About Fantasy Cricket in India

With a billion fans if cricket in India, this game is cherished on the Fantasy Sports platform as much. Fantasy Cricket has emerged as an industry that facilitates cricket lovers to create their team in the course of an ongoing match. While you establish a team and stake in it, you can win money based on your team’s performance. How much you will win will depend on the amount of risk you are ready to take. As a torchbearer of fantasy sports in India, Dream11 has been leading its cricket league. 

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a billion-dollar industry, where you can establish your team during a match and win quick dollars. But, how much you will win will depend on your ability to take risk and attitudes. Dream11 is the torchbearer for the fantasy cricket in India leading this gaming niche.

These tips could improve your winning chances.

How to get at it?

As a participant of Dream11 Cricket league, you first need to select 11 players from both the teams that will face each other in the match. You can make your pick in the following pattern: 1-4 Keepers, 3-6 Batsmen, 1-4 Batsmen and 3-6 Bowlers. After creating the team, you will have to appoint a Captain and a Vice Captain for your team. 

Choose the team carefully as the better they perform, the higher will be your points. The Captain of a team can make twice the points while the Vice Captain can make 1.5x the points earned. Any batsman who successfully scores 2 runs is rewarded 1 point. 

Want to know how your other players can contribute to your earning? Here’s how.

  • A bowler can get you 10 points on every wicket that he takes
  • If the fielder takes a catch, he will be rewarded with 4 points.
  • Stumping job done well by the keeper can get you 6 points

In addition to these, you can enjoy the privilege of bonus points in case the striker hits more runs, boundaries or scores a half-century or 100.

Similarly, when bowlers manage to call it a maiden over or slow down the run rate or when there are run out dismissals, bonus points are awarded. With Fantasy Sports India, you can expect to score Dream11 points and enjoy the big perks and rewarding bonuses. 

Want to know a few more tricks to win the Fantasy Cricket Game?

Start by knowing both the teams well

When you create your special team for the task, be selective based on your knowledge and information. Knowing every team player is helpful. While there are 40 players in a match, only 22 of them will represent your team in the real match. 

If you follow cricket closely you would know that some players need to be on rest if injured or are in case they are deemed unfit to play. So, there will be only 22 playing while the remaining 18 will not be actively involved. If there’s a rested player and you happen to select him, you will land up with 0 points. Doing a little research before selecting the team helps and you can avoid the rested players while forming your team. There are quite a few apps that enable players to select their 11 players from each team an hour before the match begins. You can check out any of these apps that include Cricbuzz, Yahoo Cricket and IHD Fantasy. 

The form of players makes a big difference and your chosen player should have played at least 5 matches. Try selecting players who are fit as they can get you a better score and contribute more points to the team. Players such as Kane Williamson, Virat Kohli, Ben Stokes and Chris Gayle are more likely to play in their form as they are known to be fit. Having players in full form in your team can be promising. If you want to try your luck with new players who are yet to make a mark in international matches or don’t yet have a remarkable record, it’s best to check their domestic record before having them in your team. Closely following matches and staying updated on player’s performances can enable you to make a good choice. 

Selecting the Captain and the Vice-Captain

This isn’t an easy decision to make as they will be leading your team and you certainly can’t compromise on the quality of player whom you will be appointing as the Captain and the Vice-Captain. Let’s see how we can help you out with this permutation and combination.

Nominating the Wicket Keeper as the team’s Captain

It’s not unknown that wicketkeepers do have a better chance of taking catches and stumping batsmen as compared to fielders. If you see that the players in your chosen team can strike well as well as take catches, no one can stop the points being doubled for you. You can always change 1-4 wicket keepers and thus it’s recommended that you nominate the wicket keepers from both your teams as Captain and Vice-Captain. With a wicketkeeper having the luxury to play at number 3 or 4, you can get lucky if they score. 

What happens if you select an all-rounder player as the Captain?

The next option that you can consider when appointing a Captain and a Vice Captain for your team is to appoint an all-rounder. If you are thinking about how this would help then it’s good to be informed that most all-rounder skippers can get you more points. Players with batting, bowling and fielding skills are a complete package. A few examples are players such as Shane Watson, Ben Stoke and Ravindra Jadeja. With all the required skills, such players can ensure that every player performs to their best. 

Choosing a bowler as the team’s Captain

Not that the format has not been tried in real cricket and it very much exists but can be a little tricky. A bowler as a Captain will have the responsibility of taking more wickets and that isn’t an easy task to be set. Every game looks different and to pick 3-5 wickets in every match could be challenging. It would be a wiser option to select a player who is a part-time bowler so that the pressure is well distributed. It’s always good to follow the bowler’s track record and appoint one with a better economy rate. The positive side to selecting a bowler as a Captain is that they can win you more points even in a low scoring match. 

Selecting a batsman as a Captain 

To have a batsman as your Dream11 cricket squad’s Captain may not always be an appropriate decision. Like wickets, scoring runs could also be a matter of luck although your batsman is likely to hit a 50 or 100. What happens on the ground cannot be decided until the real match take place. For every 2 runs that your batsman scores, you can get one point and if your players hit boundaries and sixes, it’ll rain bonus points for you. 

If you want to achieve a balance between good bowling and batting by your team, appointing a wicketkeeper or an all-rounder as the Captain would be better. Appointing batsman to lead the team can be threatening as it’s possible that he only concentrates on the batting line. Moreover, if he scores a duck, the chances of scoring well will depreciate. 

With many competitors participating in the Fantasy Sports league India, prospects of winning may not be high as always. It’s obvious that everyone wants to win and that’s why it’s crucial to strategically plan when setting up the team. If you happen to lose money in a game, it might take a while before you find a potential team as the competition is very high in this grand league. 

For new gamers who’ve just started exploring the online sports market via Fantasy Sports Dream11, the good way to start would be to stake in relatively less popular leagues that have few players. This will increase your probability of winning even if your team’s performance is mediocre. Playing bigger leagues straight away can prove to be risky as minuscule errors can turn unfruitful for the entire game. This means that your winning chances can be completely ruined. 

How to earn more real money in Dream11?

If you want to earn more cash via your Dream11 team, here a few ways you can increase your opportunities.

  • Analyse the pitch conditions before creating your Dream11 team. However, the complete dependence of your team should not be shifted to the pitch. It just happens to be one of those tricks that have been working for most contestants playing Dream11 Cricket league and other Fantasy Sports via various websites and apps. 
  • Consider your inner voice and experience. If your sixth sense says that you must go with a specific player to get those wins, go ahead!
  • When creating the team, think of the final 11 players who seem apt in pulling the team through. 
  • Some decisions such as picking a player who is yet to make history or showcase his on-field calibre could be imposing. Still, consider the pros and cons when you select your players as sometimes trusting inexperienced players can turn the game around in your stride. Should you leave a potential player who is yet to be tested? Well, the choice is yours as if he does you won’t regret having missed out on a winning opportunity. 

Things to consider when participating in Dream11 

Staying updated on latest Dream11 Fantasy Cricket news can get you winnings even from the small leagues. Keep yourself well versed with all that’s happening around you so that you can enhance your winning chances. Reading current news regarding big as well as small leagues can give you a better understanding of the player’s form. Not that you can influence a live match but at least learning the basics of the game can improve your winning chances. Try including new players instead of having experienced players around the year. It can help you strike a balance when creating the team. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with the stress of last-minute exit by seasoned players who back out due to fitness issues or injuries. 

If you believe that bowlers can dominate matches, you could opt for a mixed team that comprises around three or four seasoned pace bowlers and spinners. This will enable the bowlers to take maximum wickets by attacking the opponent team’s batsmen together. 

Remember that all-rounders can score and pick wickets as well and having such a blend is an advantage for the team. Some all-rounder cricketers have an excellent track record where they grab a wicket or two as well as contribute 30-40 runs in their batting innings to award points and cash prize.

Another important point that needs to be ensured is the accessibility of the player that you wish to add to your team. This can be done by keeping in touch with cricket experts or by following print media. Some cricket teams follow a rotation as a standard practice where the players are refreshed every time. Thus, it would be a sensible idea to first make sure which players are available to participate in your Fantasy Sports India Cricket team. 

Whatever position you fill, whether it is a player skilled in batting, bowling, wicket keeping or is an all-rounder, be sure of the position you allot to them. It is important to do so if you don’t want to suffer the outcome of incorrect allocations. This sports niche is being used for many enthusiasts to enjoy fantasy sports and make money, improper selection can put your game in deep trouble. Also, always keep yourself well informed about the pitch conditions, weather prediction and update on the players you’ve chosen for your team. It’s equally important to touch base with other relevant information sources such as the press conference of the previous match, the list of successful players at the venue where the match is scheduled, their highest and lowest scores, the overall statistics of the venue and more. 

Withdrawing Dream11 winnings

If you emerge as a winner, the next step would be to withdraw your winnings. The process can be initiated by first confirming your win which can be done by checking your account. You might need to submit your PAN Card and bank account statement to Dream11. Once done, you will be able to withdraw your winnings after completing the following steps. 

  • Provide a snapshot of your bank’s net banking page you land on to submit the ledger. 
  • Check the total winning amount 
  • Confirm it and your winnings will be automatically credited to your bank account. The process could take up 4-5 business days. 
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