Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Tips

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Tips Every Fantasy Player Must Know

Cricket is rightfully considered the most popular sports game in India. The passion and emotions boil over, the intrigue backstage and the interplay between the players and the clubs. It has everything a fan could possibly want. The only thing missing is the perfect team. You'd like to see your favorite players on the team of your dreams, wouldn't you? Fantasy cricket gives you the opportunity to assemble your dream team and lead it to the championship. It's a virtual sports simulator where you have to take on the role of a cricket team coach: assemble the players, choose the right positions for them and make certain adjustments. Getting on the pitch with other teams, you will compete with them under the rules of real cricket. Of course, the coaches of the best teams will be recognized and win prize money. But the most important thing is that you show yourself worthy to take a place in the coaching lodge.

1.Gain a better understanding of the performance of players    

Let's move on to the tips. The first, and most obvious, is to examine athletes not by their popularity, but by their performance and traits. It so happens that fame in the world of big sports doesn't always come to the best players. What's more, an athlete whose name is always on everyone's lips may not play the same way they did in their prime years, yet their reputation will go nowhere. For example, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh, who performed admirably in 2012-13, are not often out on the field today, and their play will never compare to what they did a decade ago. So pick the players with the best performances who regularly play and show results. Even if they are little-known faces.

2.Study the pitch details

More interesting things to come. It's not obvious to everyone, but the impact of the pitch on the game is quite significant. For example, any batsman dreams of the flattest possible pitch to demonstrate all his abilities. Yes, it is worth placing fewer bowlers and more batsmen on a smooth pitch. It is important to research the pitch's properties and their impact on the game. Even such seemingly small details affect the game, which means you have to take them into account. You can study the pitch from its description as well as from the matches played there and make conclusions.

3.Double-check your players are playing

The match does not start immediately after the coin toss and the competitors are announced. You have some time to prepare for it, typically 15 minutes. During this time frame, you need to ensure that all of your players will be on the pitch, check their condition, and rearrange them if necessary. Of course, you won't have to make motivational speeches like a real coach, but management duties are still a must.

4.Create a balanced team

Players with the biggest names and legendary skills are usually extremely expensive. Of course, if your finances allow you, you can assemble an all-star team. However, in fantasy cricket, the stats of an athlete are based on a particular tournament, and players will never be at their peak form for many years in a row. So even the most expensive athlete may not perform well enough. Therefore, focus on a player's characteristics first, not his name. If you have limited funds, you can consider the value of the player relative to his performance. Maybe you can put together a team of tough averages for a little money and earn enough cash, even if you don't rank first in the championships.

5.Go for top-order batsmen

Let's go deeper. The order of the batsmen is critical, especially in T20. The higher the batsman in the order, the higher his chances of hitting, it makes sense. In most cases, the best of the best should be placed in the top order. It is also better to put the strongest players in the top middle order. It may happen that the next players just don't get a turn if the first ones perform especially well. But just to be safe, you should also place reasonably good batsmen in the low-middle order. For example, you cannot put such a strong batsman as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the low-order position, even if you are counting on a late game. It may simply not get there. Even in a 50-over matchup, you should give priority to the top order.

6.Never underestimate bonus points

Of course, you can't just mindlessly field the same players and hope for success. As the competition progresses, each athlete acquires stats that reflect their personal performance. For successful catches, as well as for run-outs and stumping, the player earns bonus points. Accordingly, whoever is successful in his position will earn a lot of points. An athlete who is not good at his position should be moved to another one.

7.Strike bowlers 

A successful team is not made up of batsmen alone. You should think about the bowlers' lineup as well. Of course, this role is best served by players who regularly score for taking wickets. Amit Mishra and Yuzvendra Chahal are great examples as they have shown remarkable results as bowlers. The advice is the same: keep an eye on your players' performance, monitor your stats, and don't forget about the state of the pitch.

8.Choose the appropriate captain and vice caption

our eight Fantasy Cricket Tips is Choosing a captain and vice-captain for your virtual team is a crucial decision. This is because your captain fetches you 2x points and your vice-captain fetches 1.5x points. Getting the combination right will be the deciding factor whether your team will win anything or not. Choosing an all-rounder as the captain works the best for most of the virtual teams. However, it is best to study the performance of the players in order to make the right choice.   

9.Adopt the right planning strategy

It is best to plan everything ahead of the match if you want to get your fantasy cricket game right. Studying the pitch and the performance of the players before a game will help you make the right choice in the upcoming game.

10.Choosing uncapped players

While in the real world the role of the captain is important primarily because he can serve as the spiritual backbone of the team and its main driving force, in fantasy cricket everything is different. The only thing worth taking into account is that the captain brings twice as many points, and the vice-captain 1.5 times more. Therefore you should assign these roles to the players with the highest average number of points per match. But you should not forget about the conditions of the match, such as the pitch and the opponent's lineup. Probably an all-rounder will perform poorly if your opponent has strong bowlers. Then you are better off choosing a bowler as captain.

More Fantasy Cricket tips to consider

  • Look out for the toss

As we've said, it's important to think through strategies beforehand. But it is just as important to adapt to the conditions of a particular match after the toss. Set up your team for a certain match, not for the whole season.

  • Follow match predictions

Study the experts' predictions, which they give in advance of the matches. This will help you to think strategically and make better decisions in preparation for your matches.

  • Post-match presentations

Likewise, listen to the post-match interviews and explanations. The coaches and captains will describe the philosophy behind their strategy, and the announcers will talk about the successes and mistakes of the choices.

  • Kind of contest

Don't start off the bat. If you're a beginner, practice in low-stakes tournaments. Even if you bought an all-star team, it's better to gain experience before going to the big tournaments. Remember, strategy is the key to success in fantasy cricket.

  • Check promo codes

A tip that will help you not only in fantasy cricket. But this is where you can get a lot of benefits from using promo codes. If you come across one, be sure to use it right away.

  • Best time to create your virtual team

There is no stopping perfection. Always be on the lookout for players you're interested in, and be prepared to change rosters at the last minute.

  • Pick the best players from each country

In fantasy cricket, you may have the opportunity, and sometimes even the need, to choose athletes from other countries, not only from India. Therefore, we recommend watching at least with one eye not only the IPL but also cricket in other countries to have an idea of the capabilities of different foreign players.

  • Entering multiple contests with multiple teams

If you are experienced enough and can think on several sides at once, you will find a use for these skills in a fantasy league. Dispatch different teams to participate in different events at the same time. That way you can not only improve your own skills as a coach but also earn more. And, most importantly, a top tip. Don't forget that fantasy cricket is first and foremost a game. And the game should entertain, not overload you, and certainly not make you depressed. Have fun, and enjoy the game. Good luck!

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